Golica: Finding Peace and Inspiration on Slovenia’s Beautiful Mountain

I have visited Golica countless times already. Its beauty never fails to enchant me. Walking along its trails is a true pleasure for me. What I like the most is that I can choose between different routes, from easy to more difficult, and thus always prepare a hike according to my preferences. Along the way, I am always surprised by the beautiful views. I also always stop at the Golica mountain hut, where I indulge in delicious mountaineering food… 

I often hike with my mom, who is an expert on all the paths in the nearby and distant surroundings. We have walked many, including longer tours with the starting or ending point at the Golica mountain hut… 😍

Golica mountain hut
Golica is a canvas painted with the brushstrokes of nature.” – Ansel Adams

How the planned night on the top of the Golica went its own way:

I have a vivid memory of the adventure when my friend and I wanted to spend a night at the very top of Golica. It was a beautiful August day when we packed our backpacks, prepared our sleeping bags, and acquired all the necessary equipment for a night under the stars. Of course, the main goal was to photograph the sunrise at the top. Along the way, we stopped occasionally to enjoy the views of the surrounding mountains and valleys and take a short break.

When we arrived at the mountain hut, a thunderstorm was brewing in the Julian Alps. Despite the clear weather and stable forecast, we could hear thunder in the distance, and clouds were slowly but steadily moving towards us. The locals we chatted with said that this was a common occurrence and that the storm shouldn’t reach us. We decided to continue our journey to the top… 😀

Tea time on the foggy evening.
A place of spiritual significance, where the mountains meet the sky and the earth meets the heavens…

Halfway up, we found ourselves in a cloud. It was windy, and visibility was minimal. The top was no better! We barely found shelter near the ruins of a burned Slovenian hut. Even though the ground was wet due to the fog, we stretched out our sleeping bags and brewed tea in the shelter. Although it was quite windy, it didn’t rain. We were excited about the idea of spending the night at the very top. However, the closer it got to night, the more worried we became. The promised night under the stars was still high above the clouds, and we could hear thunder in the distance… ⛈️

The decision has been made… 

We decided to return to the hut and get accommodations there. The caretaker gladly accepted us. She took us to a room, where we spent the night. And it was a good thing we decided that. In the middle of the night, a storm broke out. We were in the very heart of the storm, and one lightning strike even struck very close to the house. In the morning, we didn’t feel like getting up early, so we postponed photographing the sunrise for another time. The caretaker prepared us dumplings for breakfast, and after eating, we slowly headed down the valley… 

Fog on the top of GOlica
A place where time slows down, and the world fades away…

Some interesting facts about Golica:

  • Golica is a peak on the border between Slovenia and Austria. It is located in the Western Karawanks, above Jesenice town. The peak is most famous for its narcissus meadows, which attract many hikers in the months of April and May.
  • On the way to the top, visitors can admire the natural beauty of forests, meadows, and, of course, narcissus fields. At the forest edge, at an elevation of 1582 meters, there is a hut called Koča na Golici with 40 beds, where hikers can rest and spend the night before continuing their journey to the top.
  • Golica also has a rich history. During World War II, the partisans burned down the old German hut so that it would not serve as a stronghold for the Germans, and during the Second World War, the Slovenian hut at the top of Golica was also burned down for the same reason.
  • Golica is also known for Avsenik’s polka “Na Golici,” which has become world-famous and represents a source of pride for the residents beneath it.
View from Golica
“The view from the top of Golica is a panorama of the divine, where the majesty of the earth and sky converge.” – Walt Whitman

Just a little more…

  • The slopes of Golica serve as pastures for sheep, which gives the mountain a special charm and authenticity. Therefore, there are many opportunities to step in sheep droppings at the top… 😂
  • The best view is from the top of Golica, which stretches in different directions. To the east, the Karawank ridge with Stol and Košuta can be seen, and to the right, the Kamnik Alps. In the southeast direction, the view opens over the Gorenjska plain to the Ljubljana basin, the Inner Carniola hills with Snežnik, and further south, the slopes of Golica towards the villages of Planina pod Golico and Mežakla. In the southwest and west directions, the Julian Alps stretch out, including Triglav and Škrlatica, as well as the Martuljek group with Špik. On the northern edge, Klek, Hruški vrh, and Kepa can be seen. If the weather is clear, the Carinthian side is also visible: the Rož valley, the Klagenfurt basin with Klagenfurt and Lake Wörthersee, as well as the smaller Baska and larger Osojsko lake, and also the Low and High Tatras with Grossglockner.
view of Austria
“Golica is a place of wonder and awe, where the beauty of nature is on full display.” – Emily Dickinson

On the way, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful nature surrounding you. Don’t forget to bring appropriate equipment, food, and drinks, as the weather can quickly change in the mountains. The summit of Golica is known for being very windy. Recommended equipment for hiking on Golica includes hiking boots, hiking poles, sportswear, and a backpack. In winter conditions, crampons are mandatory.


Golica is most popular in the spring months due to the beautiful blooming of mountain narcissus. Narcissus usually bloom in May, but sometimes, due to the changing weather, they can bloom in April or even June. The landscape below the summit of Golica is covered with a beautiful, fragrant white snow that creates beautiful color contrasts with the green meadows and dark forests. This spectacle attracts crowds of hikers and nature lovers who want to experience this unique natural beauty… 🥰

Narcisssus fields
Narcisssus fields are a work of art that no human could ever replicate…

The mountain narcissus (Narcissus poeticus radiiflorus) is also called “the lock” after a legend that says the bee god warned it not to collect honey on Sundays and holidays, but the bees ignored his warning and continued to collect honey every day of the week. In response, the god locked the honey inside the flowers with an impassable padlock so that the bees could no longer access it. This legend adds even more interest and mystique to the landscape of Narcissus on Golica.

Golica is accessible by several paths, of which the most popular are the path from the village of Planina pod Golico or the path from the village of Javorniški Rovt. Both paths are suitable for beginners, but the path from Planina pod Golico is easier and more suitable for those who do not have much experience in mountain hiking.

Mountain hut Golica in mirror
Golica’s beauty is a song that echoes in the heart long after the climb is over…
field of wild daffodils
A symphony of nature, with the narcisssus flowers as its lead instrument…

Overall, Golica is a great place for a day trip or hike. It has beautiful views, interesting historical sites, and places to relax in nature… 


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