A Small Act of Rebellion: Eating a Sandwich on a Green Surface…

During the famous epidemic in Slovenia, there were quite a few strict rules in place, including mandatory mask-wearing and a ban on consuming food and drinks in public places. As the government decree stated, “starting on Monday, November 16, in accordance with new measures, a general prohibition on consuming food and drink in public places will take effect.”

They also said:

“We must not consume anything while on the move, but we can withdraw to a green surface and follow all the necessary NIJZ recommendations.” But the green area was not specified 😁.

Naturally, everyone had their own interpretation of these rules… 🙈

A little rebellion never hurt anyone. So why not start one in the city?” – Frida Kahlo

One day, I heard about a fast-food delivery guy who got fined for eating a “burek” on the staircase of a church. I thought it was pretty ridiculous that you couldn’t even eat a snack in public without getting in trouble. So I started to brainstorm ways to push back against the rules in my own little way… However, I don’t know the backstory of the incident, and I don’t want to speculate. All I know is that I got the crazy idea of taking a photo of me eating a sandwich in front of the same stairs…💡

That idea quickly became a reality. I talked to a friend, and we planned out the details. I bought the biggest sandwich I could find (since the delivery guy already had the “burek” covered). And of course I found a piece of green fabric to use as my “approved” eating surface. After all, eating on green surfaces is allowed, right? 😜

And so the adventure began…
The only way to make a difference is to be the difference. —Anonymous
The only way to make a difference is to be the difference. —Anonymous

When the day came, we set everything up and started taking photos. I felt a little silly at first, but as we got into it, it became a lot of fun. However, I must admit, despite my love for taking risks, it was quite stressful. But we did it! I remember wondering what would happen if the police caught us – would they see the humor in it or take it as a provocation? But in the end, we managed to pull it off without getting caught, and it felt like a little victory.

Looking back, I’m glad we did it. It might have been a small thing, but it was a way to take a stand against the rules and have a little bit of fun in a tough time. It was a small act of rebellion, but it felt good to take a chance and do something a little outside the rules…

Due to stress, the photographs did not come out well. But the story sure did… 😀



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1 thought on “A Small Act of Rebellion: Eating a Sandwich on a Green Surface…

  1. Mama says:

    Uporniško prehranjevanje, ko je bilo to prepovedano!
    Način upora proti neumnostim s strani tistih, od katerih bi pričakovali veliko razuma!
    Moja hči!


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