Exploring the Art of Reflection in Photography

I am a reflection photography enthusiast on a mission to capture the perfect shot… I love when the rain stops and the world is left with these little mirror-like puddles just waiting for me to snap a picture. It’s like they are saying “Hey Tjaša, come take a picture of me!” 😜

“Cities may be made out of brick and mortar, but they are also made out of dreams.” – Jane Jacobs

But my passion for reflections extends beyond just puddles… I am also a fan of mirror reflections. Whether it’s a shiny car, a store window or a polished metal surface, I am always on the lookout for reflections that will make a great photo.

When it rains, I am like a kid in a candy store 🍭… I’m chasing puddles and capturing the reflections of the surrounding environment. But even on a sunny day, I can always find a mirror reflection to photograph. It’s like the world is my own personal funhouse and I get to play with the reflections and angles to create something truly unique and interesting.

Reflection in mirror.
“The city is like a mirror, reflecting back to us what we have put into it” – Maya Angelou

But let me tell you, capturing the perfect reflection can be a real challenge. It’s like trying to catch a unicorn, you never know when it’s going to happen. But that’s what makes it so much fun. And when I finally get that perfect shot, it’s like winning the lottery. And that is truly satisfying.

So, if you ever see me crouched down by a puddle or taking a picture of a shiny object, don’t be afraid to say hi! I’m just another reflection photography enthusiast trying to capture the magic of the world around us.

 "Reflection in a window are like a gateway to another world." - Paulo Coelho
“Reflections in a window are like a gateway to another world.” – Paulo Coelho

Come take a peek into my reflection photo gallery 😉:

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