Treasures of Urban Exploration Photography

Urbex photography, or urban exploration photography, is my passion 📸… It’s like a treasure hunt for special moments, hidden in the abandoned and forgotten places of the world. It’s the perfect mix of danger, adrenaline and excitement. Imagine sneaking into an abandoned building, dodging security guards and climbing rusty fire escapes, all for that one perfect shot. It’s like a game of cat and mouse, but with a camera. And let me tell you, the rush of capturing that one unique image is worth all the scrapes and bruises.

Urban exploration photography
Abandoned places are like a door to a secret world, filled with mistery and hidden truths.” – Neil Gaiman

And just a heads up, sometimes you may even find doe in the basement, like my friend and I did once. It was quite stressful for both the doe and us, but it made for truly unforgettable experiences 🥰.

Urban exploration photography
“When you find a place that has been forgotten, you may discover something you never expected.” – Jodi Picoult

So, if you’re up for a little adventure and have the courage to walk on the edge, grab your camera, a flashlight, and some snacks, because who knows how long you’ll be stuck in that creepy old building before finding the perfect shot of urban exploration photography 💪.

… Who knows what kind of unexpected moments you might experience…

…I have vivid dreams, and have taken pictures from Chernobyl in my mind… And I would be happy to share them with you… 🥰


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