Gutenbuchel Mansion: story about fairytale

My story about fairytale

It was May 2021, and I had big plans for the next day, but oh no! The day before my planned trip, I found out that our entire group of children, including me, had to go into quarantine due to a sick child. After all, those were epidemic times. But since I was really looking forward to the trip, I said to myself, “And now? Will I just sit at home, heartless and healthy? Absolutely not!” So the plan was just moved to an earlier time… And the story about fairytale began… 🥰

I was planning to visit Celje, but I had an unexpected adventure that I will remember forever… Everything was already planned: a walk through the old town, a visit to the castle, and a beer. And then… I was already on my way to Celje when my friend called me to meet in Šoštanj. “Don’t mess with me 😬,” I thought, but later I realized why I was invited there… And that is how the story about fairytale began 💥… I couldn’t hide my excitement when I saw Gutenbuchel Castle in the beautiful light of the rising sun. Not to mention the abandoned greenhouse. I was completely overwhelmed… Those little moments of happiness were just dancing inside of me… 🥳

Sunrise in the story about fairytale
Gutenbuchel – where reality and fantasy meet in a fairytale story…

Where did I hear about Gutenbuchel Mansion?

I had seen Gutenbuchel Mansion in a music video some time ago, and I was immediately drawn to its surroundings. I was excited about it, as I am a big fan of urbex photography, and couldn’t get it out of my head. But how could I find out where this castle was located?

At first, I tried searching for information online. I browsed through various websites, but I couldn’t find the exact location. I was disappointed because I really wanted to see this beautiful castle in person.

And voila… The best surprises come when we least expect them. I couldn’t believe that I had the opportunity to see this beautiful castle in person. Unfortunately, it wasn’t open that morning, so I couldn’t see the inside. But it didn’t matter. That day, which was truly unforgettable, will stay in my memory forever!


Some interesting facts:

Dvorec Gutenbuchel, also known as Marovška graščina, is a building located in the idyllic surroundings of Ravne pri Šoštanju. The mansion boasts baroque architecture and a history dating back to the 16th century.

Visitors will be delighted with the preserved architectural elements such as decorated ceilings, carpets, tapestries, and other artistic elements. Inside, there is also a rich collection of artwork gathered by the former owner, noblewoman Jelena Kajetanka Ugrinovič. This precious art collection has been presented in various exhibitions organized at the castle.

A beautifully landscaped park that includes a pond, fountains, sculptures, gardens, and more surrounds Dvorec Gutenbuchel. The park, with its historic design, represents an important cultural monument.

From 1963 to 2013, the castle was a department of the Vojnik Psychiatric Hospital. Today, the Mansion is a cultural monument of the Šoštanj municipality, and exhibitions such as the Advent and Easter exhibitions, which take place every year, are held there. 

Today, the castle is used for various cultural events such as exhibitions and concerts, while also representing a beautiful architectural structure with an interesting history.

Reflection of fairytale
Every corner of Gutenbuchel is adorned with intricate details that will leave you in awe…

Why is the castle interesting for photographers?

At Dvorec Gutenbuchel, photographers can capture a wide range of photography styles, from wedding and family portraits to fashion and architectural photography. The mansion offers a unique and luxurious backdrop that cannot be found anywhere else, making it a popular destination for photographers.

  • Wedding photography is undoubtedly one of the most popular types of photography captured at Dvorec Gutenbuchel. The castle’s opulent interior and beautiful surroundings provide the perfect backdrop for bridal and groom portraits as well as group photos of family and friends. Wedding ceremonies are often held in the stunning park or in one of the breathtaking rooms inside the castle, which provide the perfect setting for stunning photographs.
  • Fashion photography is also popular at Dvorec Gutenbuchel. Numerous fashion magazines and brands have used the castle’s beautiful surroundings and interior to create stunning fashion photographs. With its ancient and luxurious atmosphere, the castle offers a unique backdrop that cannot be found anywhere else.
  • Family portraits are another type of photography that is often captured at Dvorec Gutenbuchel. Families can enjoy exploring the beautiful park or taking photos in one of the magnificent rooms inside the castle. Using natural light or the mansion’s beautiful interior, it’s possible to create unique and elegant family portraits.
  • Finally, it’s worth mentioning that architecture and interior photography are also popular, as Dvorec Gutenbuchel is known for its rich and luxurious interior. Many photographers choose to capture these elements as they represent a true masterpiece of architecture and design. The castle’s interior is full of details that will excite anyone who loves art and history, from the wooden walls and ceilings to the stunning fireplace surrounds. There’s no shortage of inspiration for creating incredible photographs at Dvorec Gutenbuchel.
A magical place with the story about fairytale.
Gutenbuchel Castle – a magical place with the story about fairytale.

The Greenhouse

The Court Greenhouse, which is abandoned, is actually a mysterious and magical world… 🥰 It is located next to the castle castle and has impressive architecture that attracts many visitors who want to take photos and shoot videos. It was once full of exotic plants and flowers, but now it is abandoned and partially collapsed. Nevertheless, its interesting architecture and decaying interior provide a beautiful backdrop for photography.

Photographers often use the greenhouse as a backdrop for artistic portraits or fashion photography, as the greenery and decay of the building can be very dramatic. The greenhouse also offers many opportunities to play with light and shadows, creating unique and interesting effects in photographs.

The greenhouse’s magic, which hasn’t changed much over the years, greets you as soon as you enter. It provides a beautiful backdrop for photography, as different lighting effects and backgrounds can be used.

Although the greenhouse is partially collapsed and quite abandoned, it seems that its decaying interior and beautiful architecture attract a large number of photographers. So if you’re interested in photographing in more unique locations, Gutenbuchel Castle should be at the top of your list of places to visit.

Entrance into fairytale
The entrance to the magical world…

From Castle Hallways to Film Sets

In addition to being a place of rich history and culture, Gutenbuchel Castle is also an important artistic center that attracts many artists and creators from different fields. It is truly an inspiring place that offers many opportunities for creativity and artistic expression.

Moreover, music videos are often filmed at Gutenbuchel Castle. Inside, there is a large hall that is perfect for shooting music videos. With its elegant and classic architecture and rich history, it provides an ideal backdrop for many artistic projects.

Apart from the hall used for filming music videos, there are many other interesting spaces to be found in the castle. From old hallways, staircases, and rooms to the beautiful gardens and parks that surround the castle. These castle features are also sources of inspiration for creative projects and have already been used in various artistic projects, such as films, television shows, and photography.

abandoned greenhouse
The abandoned greenhouse is a stunningly beautiful ruin that begs to be explored…

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Going with the Flow

I was completely captivated by the beauty of Gutenbuchel Mansion and its surroundings. I admired its architecture, which took me back in time, and marveled at its grandeur. As I gazed at the abandoned greenhouse and pondered the history of the place, I felt like I was part of something greater. For a while, I could detach myself from daily worries and fully immerse myself in the moment… We created beautiful memories… 

Gutenbuchel mansion's greenhouse
There is a strange beauty to be found in the midst of desolation and ruin…

The feeling of excitement and satisfaction continued as my friend and I explored the castle’s surroundings and posed for photos in different positions. We strolled through well-maintained parks, enjoyed the green nature that surrounded us and admired the stunning view of the hills and talked about various things 😊📸.

We were like children who had discovered something new and interesting. Sometimes we have to surrender to the moment and not worry about plans and obligations. We simply have to enjoy life, look forward to every new experience, embrace new opportunities, and not be afraid to accept the challenges that life offers us. We also have to let go of plans and go with the flow… 😀

Unique fountain
The fountain at Gutenbuchel Castle is not just a beautiful sight to see, but a playful reminder of the joy in life…According to “rules,” I should have stayed home that day. But you know what? I would have missed out on this wonderful experience. Accepting new opportunities can bring us unforgettable memories and rich experiences that will stay with us forever 🥰.

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